Another gentle and laid back group earlier this month: Movement play supports us to slow down, let go of other distractions and enable us to simply be together. Our lives can be filled with so much doing and activity. And certainly, as kids get older, there will be lots of time for this. These sessions enable adults to be more with where their babies are. With the rock and the roll. With all the small movements, shifts in weight, pulls of attention and ripples of emotion. Babies begin from this being, sensing place. It is just where they need to be, as they gently get the stimulation they need to build their nervous systems and organise their movement.


Dads today commented on the different stages the babies were at. Finding it hard to imagine their little one walking, or being amazed at how they’ve mastered being able to roll. Remembering with affection, the early weeks of small snuggles and enjoying seeing it all unfold.


I shared information about the developing nervous system, and how a baby gradually organises their sensory experience (of what they feel) and how they move in response. Dads noted movement reflex responses that were coming on stream as babies came to sitting, were able to support themselves more, and come up a level, away from the floor.


We saw the strength and determinism the babies had. As adults we felt in our own bodies, the strength developed in the back of the body as we lay on our fronts.


I guided the men in using simple touch to connect up a babies’ centre with their edges, tracing the lines of connection and movement organisation. This is a great way to learn about the patterns of movement that form our unique way we make the journey through lying, rolling, pushing, and reaching. It is all these building blocks of movement that this sort of low level play offers. These movement play sessions are all about Dads being able to appreciate all that is going on in this first year or so, and take some rich and rewarding time out together.


Our next session is on Saturday 3rd June. Info here.