My work with older children and teenagers is usually arranged by parents who are concerned about their child, for varying reasons:

You may notice your child:

  • struggling to manage life emotionally and in their relationships.
  • not developing in line with their peers.
  • having difficulty dealing with their sensory experience, being over/under sensitive, their movement organisation being out of kilter, being unco-ordinated or struggling with every day motor tasks.

How a session looks can vary hugely, depending on the needs of the individual. Depending on the age of the child and how they are, sessions can be with or without the parent present. Sessions can also happen outside in nature, although we usually begin working inside.

Generally, in a session I work from where the child/young person is, using play, movement games and tasks. We might use art materials or talk to explore what’s going on. If working inside, we work in a clear studio, with a number of props that we can use. If outside, we might choose a spot to be based, or go for a walk. We can find out what is easy, or difficult. What are the stories that are being told, through the person’s movement, and sensory and emotional experience? What does the person need to feel comfortable in their skin? They might need to curl up and rest, or find ways to be very physical. I work to make the sessions accessible to the person, so that they feel safe and welcome to do what’s needed.

The sessions operate on an emotional and physical level, and aim to resolve earlier life material that is coming to the surface, or to more fully establish any developmental foundations that were missed early on. Movement Therapy is not about finding a ‘cure’ but to help someone along with what they are dealing with in life.

You can download an Information Sheet to share with the young person or use to help you talk to them about movement therapy. Click Here

Cost: Please contact me for details.

Terms & Conditions: Please read here for details of Payment, Cancellation Policy, Confidentiality, Reviewing & Ending Therapy, Code of Ethics & Grievance Procedures.

Location: Sessions offered in Devon, South West UK.

If you would like more information or to have a chat about how I might be able to help, please get in touch here.