Movement Therapy AdultsThese 1:1 sessions are an opportunity to explore aspects of your body & movement that interest you for your health, well being and personal development. The nature of the sessions can vary greatly, depending on what someone is needing.

Somatic Movement Therapy sessions are suitable for anyone who:

  • would like some support in dealing with on-going health conditions, pain, injury or discomfort.
  • would like to find more ease, integration & grounding in their movement.
  • experiences their emotional well being affecting their body, and vice versa, and would like to explore ways of finding resources and balance in body & emotion.
  • would like to address how their early life experience affects their current lives.

What happens in a Session:

  • A chance to talk about what your starting point or interest is.
  • To have the opportunity to move or find comfortable ways to rest, with the support of:
    • observation, feedback and discussion,
    • hands-on touch and bodywork while remaining clothed, to find comfort, release and new ways of moving,
    • talking, writing or drawing about what you’re exploring, identifying what’s beneficial.

You can read more about Somatic Movement here.

Location: Sessions offered in Devon, South West UK. Online sessions are sometimes possible.

Cost: Please contact me for details.

Terms & Conditions: Please read here for details of Payment, Cancellation Policy, Confidentiality, Reviewing & Ending Therapy, Code of Ethics & Grievance Procedures.