One : One Movement Therapy Sessions.



Have you noticed how your child moves? Are there movements that they do, or don’t do, that you wonder about? Should they be rolling, sitting up, walking by now?

Has their early life experience, of illness, disability or trauma, affected them getting what they need? Or is their behaviour causing difficulty now?

Are you simply a new parent wanting to know more? See here for sessions specifically for parents.

Our early experiences can form the foundation from which our lives progress. Babies & young children begin this foundation from their movement and sensory experience. This is how they make sense of themselves, other people and the wider world.

Have you ever wondered what they are thinking about or experiencing? These individual 1:1 sessions, with you & your child, offer understanding and insight into your child’s development.

Boy Running

Have you been thinking about how you could support your child along the way, as they face the struggles and challenges, joys and achievements? Learn some ways to support that process, and to build your relationship together, exploring movement, for their wellbeing, learning & development.

My work with babies & children can involve:

  • Tuning in and ‘being-with’ them.
  • finding ways to meet them, to connect through movement. Primarily working with the non-verbal dialogue.
  • holding boundaries, to keep them safe and the focus to what I can offer.
  • noticing what I see, and relating this to  the map of our development. Offering invitations to explore developmentally significant movement material, through play, games, props, art material and resources.
  • responding to the physical, how they move, drawing on sound Developmental Movement knowledge and approaches to integrate children’s senses.
  • responding to the emotional and psychological, drawing on Child Development and Somatic Psychology.

I’m aiming that through the movement play and exploration they can find what they need, in their physical & emotional selves, to evolve and develop and reach their potential, of being all that they can be, happy and healthy.

We’ll work together to spot characteristics of where they are, through how they move, what they seek out, and, in meeting them there, support them to get what they need, helping them in their process of growth and development. I hope to help them heal what has been damaged, missed, or not completed.

This work follows an organic path, that may not be linear, or in an expected time frame. Change can be quick or slow, as we follow their body-intelligence as living ‘creatures’, and help them develop resources and resilience that they can draw on through life.


  • Supporting your child’s developmental progress.
  • A chance to address and integrate a child’s in utero & birth experience.
  • Insight into behaviour & well being issues.
  • Developing your relationship & understanding of your child.

What happens in a Session:

  • A chance to talk a little about what you & your child are wanting.
  • Following your child’s movement, observing & supporting them to explore in a safe way.
  • We might step back and observe.
  • We might join in, and move with and alongside.
  • We might use props, games or art materials to explore the movement that is happening.
  • There might be touch & contact to support movement.
  • We can talk about what we notice, and I can share aspects of movement & development that I see.
  • I can suggest some things to try at home.

2013-01-14 11.04.12

Parent Feedback:

“Paul is flexible & adaptable in his working approach with very young children. The sessions have been an opportunity to revisit developmental stages that were missed by my son (2 ½ years old) due to surgery & body trauma. He’s explored these stages with growing comfort, and since working with Paul, his stress reactions seem to have faded and he seems at peace with the trauma that operations have brought him. He has made friends with his body again.”

“Paul’s approach is gentle, non-verbal and non intrusive.I think the session actually re-connected us by taking us back to non-verbal communication. I have felt closer to my daughter since the session.”

Cost: Please contact me for details.

Terms & Conditions: Please read here for details of Payment, Cancellation Policy, Confidentiality, Reviewing & Ending Therapy, Code of Ethics & Grievance Procedures.

Location: Sessions offered in Devon, South West UK.  Depending on age of child, sessions can be in your own home or other another venue that I can arrange.

Please get in touch to find out more.

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