Sessions for Mums and/or Dads, pre-birth and in the early months.

I’m offering these sessions to share some of the amazing developmental changes that unfold for babies. I want to support parents in slowing down, being able to enjoy and support their child’s early development. There is some key information about how our movement and psychological development shifts as our nervous system matures, that gives insight into the changes you see in your child. There are some simple maps, that will help you understand, track and support your baby, that offer a foundation for all their later development.

Learn about

  • how your baby’s movement begins in utero.
  • the changes in the growing sensory and nervous systems.
  • Primitive Reflexes & Righting Reactions.
  • Developmental Movement Patterns.
  • your baby’s developing sense of self and relationship with you.

Lots of opportunities to ask questions and explore movement for yourself if you want, to give you more insight and help you more fully support your child’s development.

Cost: Please contact me for details.

Location: Sessions currently offered in South Devon, UK.

Please get in touch to find out more.