Drawing on all my Somatic Resources over the next few days:

Seeing Clients in Exeter and London – teenagers, adults, resolving early life and on going health themes

Running 2 Rock and Roll Dads groups – Movement Play for men and their babies and young children – easeful rolling, giggling, rocking, crawling, pushing sliding …

Teaching on the Dance Lab module and running a Guest Lecture at Goldsmiths, Uni of London – Movement Integration through the fluid and nervous systems with 1st years; sharing key themes from the last 20 years as a movement practitioner, with 2nd years.



Full bodied, Somatic Resources: drawing on an active nervous system, as I prepare, adrenalin widening my vision to see what I need to do, heart beat raising my energy, needing to breath deeply to ground, and draw on bones for uprightness and clarity, finding space to rest and digest … Trusting that all will be well. It is in my body. Trusting that all will flow as it needs to, and grateful for the chance to do this work.