I ran a session today for the 3 year groups of the BA (Hons) Children’s Physical Education course, at The University of St Mark & St John, in Plymouth.


I shared a Developmental Developmental MovementMovement Map, of how children’s early movement patterns are built up as the nervous system develops. We looked at nervous system regulation, and how we can either be in balance or conflict. We touched on sensory development, and relational models of movement interaction and play.

Our anatomy & physiology, what is going on under our skin, offers a huge resource in working with others. The developmental map, that tracks fundamental movements that we all go through, helps us understand where to pitch the games and opportunities we offer to children. A Somatic approach, working from our sensory, felt experience, can provide practitioners with lots of resources to inform their work. It offers a wide and inclusive perspective on the movement and behaviour of children and young people, without judgement or labels. Helping others find what their systems need, for their health, well-being and development.