A great morning at Totnes Childrens Centre at Bumps & Babies. Supporting early movement development, and seeing the impact of taking a babies socks off has.

Baby Toes, Socks off


Straight away it’s possible to see all the aliveness of a babies feet, as they flex and extend, wiggling and getting to grips with the floor. And then, being able to see so clearly how the push from the toes, travels up through the leg, into the centre of the body and out through a reaching arm. And as this happens the shift in weight of the torso, finding stability of one side, and the ability to move on the other. Such delightful development to see unfold!


Strength, balance, stability, grounding …. all in there. As well as connecting up the neurological pathways to get the movement foundations in place. Lower brain work, so that higher brain can come on stream later on, and have a settled foundation.

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