The second of the South West Intro days in Somatic Movement Training is coming up.

Date and time: Sat 14th October 2017, 10am – 5pm
Venue: Exeter Community Centre
Cost: £65.00.

Further information about the workshop and to book see here.

Details about Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy here.

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What participants on the first intro day in July said:

“A great introduction to IBMT – nourishing, engaging, thought provoking, beautifully held.”

“I really enjoyed the day and got a clearer idea of the different strands involved in the course.”

“It was a real joy to dip into the work. I find myself quietly stopping across my day and physically and mentally revisiting many moments from the sessions.”

“Whatever bodywork or therapeutic field you’re working in, this workshop will deepen your felt connection to your own body and shed light on a healthier, more integrated way of moving and being, informing your connection and work with others.”

“Very informative and learnt a lot about myself and others in the process.”

“I felt I could explore movement in my own unique way and could interpret it if I chose to or just allow it to surface with awareness and personal acknowledgement and this was very liberating.”

“Even though the introduction was just for a few hours – I found the effects long lasting and it has  definitely inspired an interest and curiosity about somatic movement for me.”