Dads Movement PlayRock and Roll Dads is 2 years old tomorrow. Over 40 dads have come along, had a chance to stretch out and play, and gained lots of information about how movement supports their child’s growth and development.

One Dads description of the group: “I think the group name describes it quite well – it’s a group of Dads rolling about with their babies, having a chance to chat whilst learning about the way their babies are developing.”

They went on to say:

“I want to take my son to as many parent and baby groups as I can but it can be difficult to fit around work and the groups tend to have a ‘Mum’ focus – a group of Dads seems to put things in a different perspective. The concerns of Dads aren’t exactly the same as those of Mums so this different perspective is useful.

I get to meet like-minded Dads who want to understand the development of their baby, it’s a laid back group with some key points covered but without the feeling of a need to get specific things done on any particular day. I get some time to play with my son whilst developing a new appreciation of the changes he is going through that I might have missed otherwise. It’s useful to see babies of different ages at all stages of development from just holding their head up to starting to walk – it helped me understand that there isn’t a ‘right’ level of development for him to have reached just based on his age!

He has a good play and gets to interact with other babies. He’s free to explore a big open area with lots of interesting objects in it.”

Movement Play Dads Babies TotnesSo all Dads/Male Carers, Grandads, and Uncles, come along tomorrow (Sat 7th Oct 2017) and find out more.

There are 2 groups: one for babies and one for toddlers: