leaves forest floorGoing out for a run this morning I came to realise and connect up a few things. I’ve been reading bits of a book – Born to Run – that describes people who run bare foot, and how this leads them to land first on the ball of their foot.  And, at a recent workshop where we looked at the bones of the foot, I was reminded of their structure and the sequence of connectivity from the long bones of the lower leg, into the bones of the heel, and how these have a line of connectivity to the big, second and middle toes. And I notice that when I run bare foot in the studio, on a wooden floor, I land with front of the foot rather than heel. When I experiment with landing on my heel, it feels so strong, in the impact through the long bones of my lower leg. The Born to Run book describes how the use of the modern running shoe causes us to land heavily on the heel of the foot, partly to feel our connection with the ground.


So this all led me to think about the strong connection that is core to my work, of moving and feeling. How movement is key to feeling ourselves – physically and emotionally. And amongst it all, our sense of ground it vital too, not only as we run, but in the everyday flow of our life. If we’re overwhelmed by emotion, feeling swamped, we need to find our connection with the ground to carry on. If we’re too stuck in the ground, feeling heavy, dull, movement can help us feel again.