I’m offering a somatic workshop as part of this event in Taunton on Saturday 9th February, for Pavilion Dance South West. A one-day event for dancers working or interested in working in community contexts – in particular health and wellbeing.

Photo: Christian Kipp – Somatic Movement Gathering
Finding some breathing space – for self and others

“How can we be more present to our current condition, and to those around us?”

Using playful improvisation, I’ll guide participants to notice more, in their ordinary bodies, to find some breathing space, to discover what needs to be expressed and what needs to be received. I’ll use a simple framework of Mind, Body and Emotion to enable dancers connect with how they are, to reflect and develop resources to support themselves in work and life. I’ll briefly share a case study of how I have used this model in working with others.

Details of the whole event and booking can be found here.