Earlier this month I ran a day workshop for the first years of the MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy.

Somatic Resources for Practice – Coming back to Ourselves, Being in the body, Being in Relationship.

This workshop invites our playful, present and compassionate selves to turn up, helping us find our way in our movement practice and our work with others. We’ll begin noticing what we arrive with, what’s needed and what we have to offer. We’ll use simple creative processes of art and writing to explore and share. Paul will draw on developmental movement frameworks and his experience of working with babies and children. We will investigate levels, from horizontal to vertical, and discover how we transition into relationship. The day aims to nurture resources that are useful in work/life.

We shared reflections on the relationship between Self, Other and Space; Head, Heart and Belly. Students spoke of the value of having a day where they could focus on themselves, alongside the fullness of their academic study.