Had the first meeting of this group at the weekend. Thanks for all who came along.

We had a big clear space in the family centre. Lots of room to roll and crawl. Some great discussions about what we notice babies doing, and information shared about the significance of movement and sensory play for babies development. We did a few massage and touch activities, explored new environments, and had some quiet time where we simply tuned in and followed how babies moved. Lots of time to chat with other Dads too,

When asked, “What did you most enjoy about Rock & Roll Dads?” People said:
“Spending time with my baby without distraction, in a purpose made big soft space”
“the Confidence to do different things”
“simply having undistracted bonding time”

Looking forward to the next session: Saturday 7th November 2015. Details on the website. www.paulbeaumont.net/dads