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Creative Supervision Course

I have now finished the taught part of my Creative Approaches to Supervision Diploma course at the London Centre for Psychodrama. This course appealed as it drew on action methods and so as a movement practitioner I knew it would offer ways of working that involved the body.  One of the early principles we were introduced to was ‘show me, don’t tell me’, so an invitation to embody themes to be explored. And all through the course we were trained in methods that supported ways to shift our focus from purely ‘thinking’ things through, to entering into a creative/unknown space. This enabled an encounter that had energy and life, and opened up the potential for new possibilities and perspectives. We used objects, art materials, movement and images as ways in to the work.

The course involved 7 long weekends with a group of other practitioners working in fields of education, therapy, adoption, early years services, prison service, autism, eating disorders and domestic violence. We shared our practice in Psychotherapy, Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Somatic Movement Therapy, Dramatherapy, Art Therapy and Coaching. We learnt and practiced a new creative method each time, as well as gaining understanding of a number of models of the supervision process and development of supervisees.

As I’ve been involved in more teaching over recent years, my motivation behind doing the training was to be able to more wisely respond to students’ questions and dilemmas in working with others, to support them beyond ‘this is what I would do’. My aim in supervision is to empower a supervisee, support their development and work in the best interests of those they are working with.

It has been such a rich and valuable experience, as I’ve built skills and understanding to take into my work. I’m now very much enjoying making the practice my own, bringing in somatic movement and embodied principles into the supervision I’m offering.


Many thanks to those who are working with me as I complete my training.

I have found these sessions with Paul to be invaluable to my practice. They have been a way for me to process the work I do with others through accessing my subconscious, bringing up thoughts and feelings which I was unaware of. The somatic explorative journey is deeply profound and incredibly insightful.
I found Paul’s approach to be professional with clear boundaries. I feel safe and held within the space. Paul has a way of approaching this work in a creative & playful manner, which has allowed me to feel open and expressive within the sessions.
I would highly recommend supervision session sessions with Paul to support anyone working with others on their healing journey.
Ruth Bell, Bodyworker

What I’m Offering:

Supervision sessions will resume in the studio in Totnes as soon as possible, but during the restrictions they are happening online, where you can use a few art materials and simple props to explore creatively:

  • ~ themes and challenges in your work from multiple perspectives
  • ~ your developing insight and understanding
  • ~ clear ‘next steps’ to take forward with those you work with.

Be supported to:

  • ~ enrich your work, opening up possibilities previously hidden
  • ~ draw on unconscious material that we receive working with others, to gain insight into relationships
  • ~ Develop greater understanding, resources and clarity for effective practice and find ways forward.

Creative supervision gives us the chance to get beyond words, to connect with the non-verbal, and what the body knows. You might have the experience of noticing what you are left with when working with others, but can’t quite put words to. Or feel like you face blocks or challenges in your work. If you would like to discuss working together, we can have an initial chat on the phone and then arrange a one-off session. If you’d then like to go forward we can agree a number of sessions to give us the chance to work together and follow through the cycle of reflection and action, bringing back learning and challenges for further exploration.

I continue to offer sessions at a reduced trainee rate of £30. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions – Click here.

Somatic Movement Workshops

In the coming months I’m offering a couple of online workshops through the Institute for Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy. There is currently a SPECIAL OFFER on all new bookings paid for before 1st June 2020: £20 Off Full Day Workshops and £10 Off 1/2 Day Workshops.


Saturday 6th June 2020: Attachment & Separation: Early patterns of bonding and assertion.

Saturday 4th July 2020: The Layered Self: The Emerging and Core Self coming into being.


All the details can be found here.

Individual Movement Therapy

I am continuing to see clients online via Zoom, and face-to-face if/when restrictions allow and social distancing practices can be worked out.

Although not the same as meeting face-to-face in a neutral studio, one-to-one online sessions can still be fruitful and rewarding. You would just need to have a private, quiet space, with enough room on the floor to lie down, and space to take a few steps and reach in all directions.

Online sessions usually involve:

  • ~ The chance to check in and talk about themes or issues you bring. These might be physical or emotional, but you would have an interest in having some time to focus inwardly to know more of what is going on in your body and how this affects your life.
  • ~ A chance to move, stretch or rest.
  • ~ To be guided in relevant movement exploration or self-touch.
  • ~ To receive feedback or ideas to take into everyday life.
  • ~ To gather some movement ideas to explore between sessions.

Please get in touch if you’d like to talk about working together – click here.

Other News:

I’m continuing to offer on-going movement therapy to adopted children and young people. And my work as an organiser for the UK Diploma programme for IBMT also rolls on. I will be teaching the Somatic Psychology module that starts in September 2020 and the Infant Movement Development module that starts in September 2021.

Many thanks for reading.

Wishing you well