Paul in Studio

My last newsletter was a year ago now so I wanted to give you an update to keep in touch.

I hope that this message finds you well and that you are managing OK amongst all we’ve lived through. I hope you are finding things that resource you, that take some pressure off and can connect with the things that you appreciate about life.

all the best,



I love my work. I feel so fortunate to be able to engage with the body and movement and how it feels to be us. It is a privilege to offer people the space and opportunity to begin to listen inwardly and follow what they notice. I love the mix between the physical, emotional, psychological and creative action. It feels a very human thing to offer, to be with someone, making some space, to facilitate and witness the unfolding of each individual story.

I’ve gradually moved back to more face-to-face work, but online has continued for a few. I appreciate being able to connect with those further afield, but so value the chance to be with others again in person. I’m able to mostly work within cycling distance from home now and found this physical activity and more localised base very rewarding.

I’ve continued with my own outdoor movement practice, returning to the same spot in a small woodland every couple of weeks over the last year. It’s resourced me immensely, as I’ve worked with what arises and drawn on the evolving natural world as the seasons have shifted. And this year marks 15 years of meeting with my weekly movement peer group. Both personally and professionally I reflect on what I might have to bring that is of use to the world, and how I might be a part of change in wellbeing, inequality and the climate crisis.


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My study of the stuff of the body, our anatomy & physiology, over the years has been profound. The depths and detail of what is known, together with our individual exploration of what is feels like to us, give me an exquiste respect for the body. Knowing more of ourselves, the tissues and structures that make up our living bodies can help us to feel and notice more. It can broaden this felt sense and how it overlaps with our emotional and psychological experience, so we know more of what it is like ‘to be me’. As we feel more, and find the words to describe our experience, we can find a new relationship to ourselves. Our body finds it’s ground.


  • Somatic Movement Therapy – for all ages, including outdoor work. Part of my private practice continues to be with children & young people who have been adopted and are struggling in life.

It’s great to be able to offer the time and space to others to find some relief from suffering or to learn more about themselves. What someone brings is so unique as they find their individual starting point. My simple aim is to meet them where they are, so that they might feel a greater connection with themselves, and find more ease and resource to live their lives.


  • Supervision – for those interested in creative and embodied ways to reflect on their work with others.

As I develop my superisory experience I find it facinating to support the reflective process of others. We start with a knot of concern or challenge, to tease it apart, find some space between the elements at play and discover fresh perspectives to take forward. I facilitate people to draw on the resources of the body. This can offer so much in creatively bringing forward unconscious insights and personal wisdom to take back into our work. 


Thanks for taking the time to read my news. Feel free to join my mailing list or pass this on to others who might find it useful. 

Wishing you all the best for all we’ll move through in the seasons ahead.