Paul Sitting

Feedback from Parents following Developmental Movement work with their children:

  • Paul’s approach is gentle, non-verbal and non intrusive. I think the session actually re-connected us by taking us back to non-verbal communication. I have felt closer to my daughter since the session.
  • Paul is flexible & adaptable in his working approach with very young children. The sessions been an opportunity to revisit developmental stages that were missed by my son (2 ½ years old) due to surgery & body trauma. He’s explored these stages with growing comfort, and since working with Paul, his stress reactions seem to have faded and he seems at peace with the trauma that operations have brought him. He has made friends with his body again.

Feedback from Individual clients:

  • The sessions really helped me to focus on lots of things, which I would not normally think of in the rush of daily life.
  • They helped me to realize possibly why I am the way I am physically.  It was a wonderfully calming experience. Thank you so much for the sessions.

Feedback from Workshop participants:

  • The Workshop was energising, invigorating and a fun way of connecting.  In every day life I believe a lot is left unsaid – the Workshop facilitated a purer way of connecting with others. By cutting through those unspoken barriers and going straight to the heart. It’s  was a unique opportunity to connect at a deeper level with oneself and other men in a  safe & trusting environment.
  • I found  Paul easy to understand and to be aware and responsive to each persons individual needs. I experienced him as clear and eloquent in his communication and sensitive and supportive in his facilitation.
  • I enjoyed the sense of having used my body – ‘ a good days work’
  • Being alive, and in a safe space to share and acknowledge and appreciate my own physicality in profound way.
  • As someone who lives in my mind, it’s easy to ignore my body, until it starts to speak with headaches, etc So to switch my head off and focus on body was a gift.
  • I feel different as a result, more embodied, appreciative of my body, A sense of peace and calmness.
  • Paul creates a safe environment, giving plenty of time, being responsive and adapting to where the participants were coming from. At times we were energetic and other times meditative.
  • A complete invitation to be in my body, being cared for, safe and enough time to step out of “usual” life and explore something new.