Foundations of Human Movement – Introductory Somatic Movement Therapy workshops.

I’m teaching these workshops in 2020 in Exeter, as part of the Institute of Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy workshop programme. With the IBMT training being a rolling programme, these events enable those interested to get a taster of up-coming modules and find out more about the training.

  • Workshop 1: Sunday 2nd Feb 2020: From Being to Doing: Explore the cellular starting point to our movement patterns.
  • Workshop 2: Saturday 21st March 2020: Embryological Layers: Explore how structure begins to form and is expressed.
  • Workshop 3: Saturday 6th June 2020: Attachment & Separation: Explore our early patterns of bonding and separation.

These workshops bring together:

  • Developmental Movement (the building blocks of movement, that give us an appreciation of what we all explore in our early life and can resource us in our adult years too).
  • Somatic Psychology (our body psychology – the ways our emotional and relational worlds are intertwined with our movement and what we hold or express as we go about our lives).

Book now for Early Bird Rates: Details HERE.