Planning for the next session on Saturday 5th December : 10.30am – 12noon at Totnes Childrens Centre. 

This will be the 3rd session we’ve had – it’s been great to adapt and develop how they run each month, responding to feedback and what’s needed.

I’ll be sharing some key principles for the session that I’ve put together, to provide some light guidance and structure.  I’ll give out a handout too, that includes some Top Tips and gives more information about Developmental Movement and how rich the early weeks and months are at developing foundations for babies.

Rock & Roll Dads

In the session on 5th December I want to include some longer time when we dim the lights, let go of talking, to enable Dad’s to simply follow and be with their babies. Quiet, uninterrupted time like this can be so rare in busy homes and lives.

Last month I spoke about the significance of touch for babies developing nervous systems and well-being. Sensory stimulation triggers the nervous system to stengthen nerve impulse pathways, helping babies co-ordinate and organise their movement. In December I’ll talk about our Vestibular System. This is the part that enables us to balance, get orientated and know where we are, and helps us develop the muscles in our eyes. So all the gentle rolling and turning we do on our backs, as we learn about gravity and our weight, supports this part of our nervous system. So lying down with our babies, getting socks off, so they can find their feet, shifting their centre of gravity, to enable more rocking and rolling! All good stuff!

The session provides lots of opportunity for men to chat about what it’s like for them to be with their babies. Swapping experiences and getting support. I’ll offer a key question too, to give some shared focus to what’s spoken about. So far these have been simple questions like “What I love about being a Dad”. It has been very moving to hear the profound impact loving your baby can have. I’d like the sessions to celebrate and mark these aspects of our lives.

Sessions are open to all male carers – so Grandads & Uncles are welcome too. It’s valuable to support the bonding that babies can have will all members of their families in this one-to-one time.

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