Rock & Roll Dads Starts the New Year. 
Rock & Roll Dads January 16


Blank BoxAs well as the usual safe, clear space to roll around and explore, each month I want to share some aspect of infant movement development. My aim is simply to enable parents to notice and celebrate all that is going on in their baby. We tend to view their movement as, “Oh, they’re just rolling around, not really doing much yet“. 

So in January I spoke a little about Primitive Reflexes – so the ‘automatic’, unconscious 

  • So when a baby’s cheek is stroked, they automa


There was lots to talk about as we noticed how the babies moved and responded to what they explored:

  • How babies are first learning about gravity, and how to manage the weight of their bodies against the earth as they shift their position. 

Blank BoxIt was great to notice and value each unique stage of development each baby was

We didn’t have Robin to lead us in singing, so we remembered what we could from last time. 

I offered a couple of questions for us to reflect on and chat about.

What did I receive from my Dad/parents & What do I want to offer my child? 

This led to some conversations about how some men got very different things from their Mum, compared to their Dad. 

The next Rock And Roll Dads is on Saturday February 6th.

Sessions are open to all male carers – so Grandads, Uncles, Foster Parents etc are welcome too.

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