The Rock and Roll Dads Project ran for just over 2 years, from October 2015. During that time over 40 Dads and their babies came along, to hang out together, taking some time to stretch out and slow down. They were all given key information about their baby’s development, as we saw how each baby moved and responded to their environment. I shared details of the amazing process of their child’s developing nervous and sensory system, and how this feeds into their social, emotional and psychological development.



What Dads said about the sessions:

A wonderful mix of learning, just enough structure, and a chance to have protected time with my son amongst our peers.

good to spend time with other Dads, and time away from other concerns.

Loved it despite being tired.

Brilliant session. Very Enjoyable.

I have really enjoyed the sessions at Rock and Roll dads. It has been great for me in helping to build my confidence in being with my son and helping develop the close relationship that we have. I have valued spending time with him and  it has given my partner a well deserved break!

Spending quality time with an amazing son who is new to this world. Watching him develop and playing with him is just amazing.

I want to take my son to as many parent and baby groups as I can but it can be difficult to fit around work and the groups tend to have a ‘Mum’ focus – a group of Dads seems to put things in a different perspective. The concerns of Dads aren’t exactly the same as those of Mums so this different perspective is useful.

I get to meet like-minded Dads who want to understand the development of their baby, it’s a laid back group with some key points covered but without the feeling of a need to get specific things done on any particular day. I get some time to play with my son whilst developing a new appreciation of the changes he is going through that I might have missed otherwise.

It’s useful to see babies of different ages at all stages of development from just holding their head up to starting to walk – it helped me understand that there isn’t a ‘right’ level of development for him to have reached just based on his age! He has a good play and gets to interact with other babies. He’s free to explore a big open area with lots of interesting objects in it.

A couple of blogs will give you a flavour of the sessions:

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