• Please arrive on time. Sessions will end at the appointed time.


  • If possible, please pay fees online at the time of booking. I will email you my bank details. Otherwise, please bring a cheque or cash to your session.
  • For on-line payment of on-going sessions, please pay before your appointment time.
  • Under certain circumstances there will be a charge for room hire and/or travel. I will inform you if this is the case. If I have booked these and you cancel a session, and I am not able to re-allocate the session, these charges are non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you need to cancel a session, please contact me as soon as possible by Text or Phone, and if possible a back-up email (in case I am not in signal but may have wi-fi).

Over one week’s notice before the appointment time         No Cancellation fee

Less than one week, but more than 24 hours                          £20

Less than 24 hours                                                                        Full fee

If you need to rearrange a session please contact me as soon as possible, by text or phone, and we can try and rearrange.


  • Periodically we will review our work together to reflect on how the sessions are meeting your needs. You are welcome to request this at any point.


  • If we are working together in an ongoing way, endings are valuable, giving us time to explore themes and review the work. We can discuss together how we would like our ending to be, number of sessions etc. Those working with me agree to discuss ending their work within a session and not over the phone, by email or text.

Confidentiality & Safeguarding

  • What is shared in the sessions is confidential. If I am concerned about your or another’s safety I will speak to you about this, and inform you if I intend to contact others to safeguard you or others.

Privacy & Data Protection

  • In order for me to do my work effectively I make anonymised notes of sessions (using initials) to reflect on our work. These are stored on a password protected laptop.
  • I receive regular supervision and do not use any details that would enable my supervisor to identify who I am working with.
  • Any contact information you give me is stored separately to notes on a password protected laptop and mobile phone and deleted once we finish working together.

Code of Ethics