Developmental Movement Play 5 Day Courses: Dudley, Newcastle, Shropshire, Reading, Dorset, Peterborough x 2 , Leeds x2 , Bracknell Forrest, Cornwall x 2, Chester, Wokingham, Tendring, Wales, North Yorkshire, Rochdale.

Bespoke Training &/or Projects in: Peterborough, Wokingham, Cornwall, Dorset, Devon, Newbury, Reading, Enneskillen.

Other courses: Every Child A Talker; Rough & Tumble; Families who Play Together, Indoor Movement Activities; Working with Babies; Managing Feelings; Calming Measures; Learning Disability; Foster Carers; Childminders.

Projects: Kirklees Dad’s Project; Truro PSE & Movement Play; Durham and Bath & NE Somerset ‘Follow My Leader’.

Audits & Reports: Cornwall; Dorset.

Conference Key Note Speaches: Bath & NE Somerset SENCO Conferences; Somerset.

Conference Workshops: Enfield; Bedford;  Birmingham; Bath & NE Somerset

Introductory Presentations: Flint; Reading;